Quail Meat (24 Semi-Boneless)

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Our Semi-Boneless Quail for its size, white meat, juiciness, texture and freshness has become very popular with professional chefs and home-cooks in the gourmet market. Our Semi-Boneless Quail has been meticulously prepared with a European-style presentation: all the bones have been remove so you don't need to pick them out yourself, with only the drummette of the leg and wing bones remaining for extra support, its great to be stuffed. If you are looking for something to impress your diners with an easy to cook dish, with an elegant presentation full of glamor on the table, healthy and with an incomparable texture and flavor, our Semi-boneless Quail is what you are looking for. Prepare them stuffed will be an excellent choice, the only problem will be that your guests will keep asking for more ! ! !

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