About us


The dream of a quail farm was born in 1993, my Junior year at Valley Baptist Academy in
Harlingen, Tx., At that time I was attending a ceramic class with Mrs Naty Garza. I remember
very well that on one of the trips we made to buy material, a figure of a quail with its chick
caught my attention, which I was hesitant to acquire since it was a raw ceramic piece, a material
that I had never worked with and needed a different process, it was necessary to sand and clean
very carefully, since they are very delicate pieces, and then put them to cook in a special oven so
that I could start painting, but that figure really flew me away. Seeing my interest in the piece,
Mrs Garza encouraged me to take it, saying that she would help me with the process.
Immediately after having finished said piece (which I still keep with much affection) and
motivated by the great impression that the farm "PLAMAR" (farm in Tamaulipas) and the farm
"Finca La Capilla" (farm in the State of Mexico) had caused in me, that day I decided that one
day I would have my own quail farm. I visited and knew very well does farms since they were
managed by 2 of my cousins. I began to lean towards Zootechnical Agronomy and Veterinary
Medicine, since it was the university degrees that caught my attention. Due to life circumstances,
I ended up studying for "Specialized Consultant in Foreign Trade" and then Lawyer, leaving this
second carear half way. After being working in Customs Brokers Office (Import and Exports,
which was the family business), radio stations, as an announcer and manager, I started to enter
the livestock business but again I had to deviate from the focus and I move to McAllen to start
my career in the car business, selling new vehicles, a field where thank God I was able to
establish myself and excel, however it was nothing related to what I had focused on during my
youth. As the idea of the farm always followed in my mind, in 2012 after having done a lot of
research on other quail farms I realized the nearst farm was more than 320 miles away and that
its production was not enough for the market and it is here where I decide to start my small farm
and the project of a quail farm "La Mina" was born (name inspired in my mother who has passed
away). After few years and seeing the potential of the market that has not been exploited, I
realized that I would not have the physical or economic capacity to meet the demand of the area
if I decided to take my farm to the next level, if it stopped being a hobby to become a business I
was not going to make it, so I decided to seek support with the people most attached to me, the
decision was made to merge forces, money and interests with my cousins who ran the farms that
inspired me in mexico and one of my best friends, who at that time was my boss and we formed
a very good relationship of friendship and trust, to form what is today International MAGSA
LLC., and this way was how "Golden Farms" was born. Today "Golden Farms" has been
operating under the GO TEXAN certification by USDA for more than three years, being the only
authorized farm in South Texas that has its own poultry slaughterhouse inspected. All "Golden
Farms" products are 100% locally produced and processed at their facilities, the product leaves
the farm directly for sale either wholesale or retail. Currently "Golden Farms" products are sold
in more than 84 locations divided between restaurants, supermarkets and butcher shops
throughout the Rio Grande Valley, Alice, Mathis, Corpus Christi and Houston, Tx.